The Swedish Thalidomide Society

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Welcome to FfdN


The Swedish Thalidomide Society, NGO (FfdN) was founded in 1962 by the parents whose children were born in the early 1960s with disabilities due to the medicine Neurosedyn (thalidomide).

Today our members include those affected by thalidomide as well as other disabilities with similar congenital impairments (such as Dysmelia, TAR, Artogryphys) and people that have had amputations, caused by injury or disease (e.g., from a sepsis infection). FfdN:s members also include the families to people with aforementioned disabilities.

FfdN is a politically and religiously independent and unaffiliated organization. The association is open to membership for everyone who want to support FfdN and that share our values.

FfdN works to promote and ensure the full and equal participation in society by all persons with disabilities. We advocate for non-discrimination, accessibility, and equality.